How to make 32mm system Frameless Rta kitchen cabinet!

WHAT IS THE 32mm system for kitchencabinet?

1.The 32mm system is a method of indexing cabinet components. All cabinet componets are sized in 32mm increments and located some multiple of 32mm apart. This article covers the basics –System HolesIndexingConstruction HolesBoxes and Shared Panels and Cabinet Styles

2.The 32mm system of building cabinets utilizes a series of 5mm holes that are spaced 32mm apart. Generally these system holes are in two rows running from top to bottom of the cabinet sides (panels, also known as bulkheads, standards, jambs, gables, etc). The 5mm holes spaced 32mm apart are the heart of the European method of cabinet construction. Ultimately the 32mm system is a method of indexing cabinet parts and hardware using these holes.

3.There is a vast quantity of hardware available that uses mounting holes some multiple of 32mm apart. The most common are #European hinges and slides. European hinges mount to the panel with a plate that has two holes spaced 32mmapart. Europeanslides require that the back system row is some multiple of 32mm from the front row because their mounting holes are spaced in multiples of 32mm. Both hinges and slides also require that the front system row be 37mm from the front edge of the panel. While there are both advantages and disadvantages to having the rear system row be 37mm from the back edge, it doesn’t matter what the distance from the system rows to the back of the panel is.

What is the advantage for 32mm system for kitchen cabinet ?

It is standard for kitchen cabinet . can save cost for kitchen cabinet carcass .expeciall in #USA #RTA KITCHENCABINET .

Can fitting with any drawer face and door . save stock .

Fast fitting in construction building for workers

Do you have anything not understand for this 32mm system kitchen cabinet ?

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