Sanyang cabinet custom factory environmental protection concept

Use of environmentally friendly materials: Choose to use materials that meet environmental standards, such as cabinet spray paint water-based paint, low formaldehyde sheets, etc., to ensure that the emission of harmful substances is reduced in the production process.

Energy saving and emission reduction: Optimize production processes and equipment, improve energy efficiency, and reduce the generation of waste gas, wastewater and solid waste.

Recycling: The waste generated in the production process is classified and recycled to achieve resource reuse and reduce the burden on the environment.

Green packaging: The use of environmentally friendly packaging materials, such as degradable plastics, paper packaging, etc., to reduce environmental pollution.

Environmental protection training: Strengthen employees’ environmental awareness training, improve employees’ attention to environmental protection work, and ensure the implementation of environmental protection concepts in the production process.

Environmental certification: actively apply for cabinet environmental related certification, such as ISO14001 environmental management system certification, to prove the environmental management and practice level of the factory.

Green marketing: promote environmental protection concepts, promote environmentally friendly products, encourage consumers to choose environmentally friendly cabinets, and promote green consumption.

Community environmental action: Participate in community environmental protection activities, support the development of environmental protection organizations, and actively fulfill corporate social responsibility.

Continuous improvement: Continuously optimize the production process and environmental protection measures, introduce advanced environmental protection technology and equipment, and improve the environmental performance of the factory.

Common development with partners: with suppliers, sellers and other partners to jointly promote the concept of environmental protection, the formation of a green industry chain, to achieve common development.

Through the above practice, the cabinet factory can actively implement the concept of environmental protection in the production process, reduce the impact on the environment, and establish a corporate image and improve sanyang cabinetry brand value.