Sanyang focus on american cabinet manufacturing

Over 20 years,we focus on american cabinet manufacturing,Polish the quality of craftsmanship with the spirit of craftsmen, we pay attention to every detail,make more popular cabinet products,after years of enterprise development and technical accumulation,strong technical force,continuous innovation and research and development,we are committed to creating maximum value for our partners.

Sanyang was founded in Shouguang, Shandong, China in 2002,and established its product base in Vietnam in 2019,since its establishment,it has developed from the initial one plant to three plants.And was equipped with solid wood material warehouse and finished product delivery warehouse,with the total plant area of 85000㎡.

Sanyang mainly engages in producing American-style solid wood cabinets, European-style cabinets, supporting decorative wood lines,etc. Which are mainly exported to the United States. Up to now, the number of workers in Vietnam has reached 2,700, the company has gradually implemented group operation,can coordinate the allocation of resources, and has the advantage of efficient scale production from raw materials to finished products.

Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise.Sanyang always adheres to the business philosophy of “quality first and client-oriented”,and all plants strictly follow the production process to control the product quality,so that the client satisfaction is increasing year by year.

The company has always advocated humanized management and caring training, At present, it has formed a cohesive and high-quality Chinese cadre team and Vietnamese technical team. Looking back on the past, we shared happiness and woe and worked together to move ahead. Looking forward to the future, we will stride forward and carry out sincere cooperation. Sanyang will be committed to becoming a global leader in the manufacture of American-style cabinets.