Sanyang is a transnational cabinet manufacturing factory

Sanyang is a transnational cabinet manufacturing factory with global production and sales layout. Plate processing in Ghana, cabinet manufacturing in Vietnam, at the same time, there are offices in the United States and overseas warehouses.

There are 3 cabinet manufacturing factories in Vietnam with more than 3,000 workers. Among them,the R&D team has 200 technical and quality control personnel.

There are five paint hanging lines and six paint flat spray lines, and the main popular WHITE,GRAY,SMOKE GRAY,SE coffee color, NAVY BLUE, etc. on the market can be shipped, and the colors can be produced according to customers’ customized color plates. Solid wood cabinets have a production capacity of 500-600 containers/month.

Sanyang Cabinet production factory has a team that has been working in this industry for more than ten years, which is our reliance on cabinet production quality assurance. Quality control implement group leader system, each group leader in the process is responsible for one process, and strictly follow the processing technology of each process. All along, quality control has been in stable and efficient operation, and the production quality of the cabinet has also been affirmed by customers.